Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas 2009 was the year of Guns! It takes a little thinking to buy gifts that everyone will love- but- I think everyone was very happy! I made the boys wait for me before they could see what santa had brought. I loved it. The look on there faces when they seen the guns! PRICELESS. I love it. that's what christmas is about!

If the boys didn't get enough gifts- In walks the grandparents & lots of gifts. My front room looks like Walmart! SPOILED.. Speaking of spoiled- Grandma Beth pulled up in her christmas present--

A girl is just so fun!

New Years fun!

On December 15, Christmas came a little early. Nick & NaCie's little baby girl arrived. Layla J Grant was born 6lbs 8 ounces 19 inches!!! She is so beautiful, and so loved!
They are very proud parents & should be. she is perfect!

Sherry did such a good job making Beth's tree all fancy & nice with the christmas lights. Weston & Braydon was such great little helpers. When the tree was all done, It was so pretty! (well the bottom half) :) It was the best tree! so cute...
In November the Brierley household grew by 4 paws!! This is our new Brierley member Kalie. She is so fun! She loves to hunt, play, run, run, run oh and RUN.
She loves to snuggle up with Weston at night!The boys (big & Little) have had lots of fun training!

In November Waylon had his 1oth birthday. Good food, Cake, family & friends! What else could a boy want? ((an ipod))!!!
Oh Ya- An Ipod! His Birthday was Perfect-o!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A few weeks ago Robert & Al had to go work at the Colorado Holcim plant. They asked Ronda & I to tag along with them on the "Road Trip". Let me tell ya what- we are some lucky ladies, I seen country I have never seen before. It was AMAZING. So So beautiful!!!
These two are way to funny- you think they are enjoying the beauty, which I'm sure they are. BUT- they was evaluating which rocks to start at! (Yes Al & Ronda are big rock freaks like us!) Oh yes- they found rocks!!! Lots of strange mineral filled rocks..Ronda & Robert even crossed the road to find "RANDOM" rocks.. They didn't stay with the group!!! I've decided if your name starts with R you are a "REBEL"... I was so excited when I seen this- I LOVE all the old mining stuff…

You know your going to see some cool mining stuff when the water looks like this.

And Cool- OH YA- It was every where!!! ((EVERY WHERE)) It was so fun looking in all the old houses!! Ronda found a "RANDOM" way to get to the bottom of a hill-
(slide down on her butt..)
The Towns where so beautiful- There is old buildings on every corner! This is the town of Silverton.
We stayed in Durango Colorado and was able to hit the museum & watch the old train head out- that was really cool.Then we decided we would go find a cool place to take pictures of it puffing into Silverton- We found a really beautiful place to take pictures of the train. The only problem was we beat the train by a half hour. So Ronda and I was able to get some pictures with our hot guys on the track!!
Here it is-That was awesome to see it blowing black as it came up the canyon...
Then another one of our stops was at the Royal Gorge bridge- Which was just another amazing thing to see BUT- you know it's going to be cold when the flowers look like this when you get out of the truck~
It was really neat looking over the side, but, you didn't get that gut dropping experience until you looked down the cracks of the bridge. So Ronda and I looked really nice with our butts in the air laying on the bridge taking pictures. I think they turned out really cool looking!Cold- OH YA- Freezing cold... A little cold weather isn't going to stop us from getting pictures with our honeys- No Way!!Monday morning rolled around and we was in Canon city Colorado- So Ronda and I was UN supervised and ready to shop. Robert had "google Earthed" the town and made us reservations at the Hampton because there was a "HUGE" shopping center across the street and we was vehicle less. He was so thinking of us & it was so sweet and thoughtful but the shopping center ended up being a prison. There is about 7 Prisons in the town we stayed at! That didn't put a damper on Ronda and I we ended up walking to a few museums. All of them where closed except for the old jail. Well let me tell you I'm a big BABY when it comes to going in places that LOTS of people have died in.(bad-bad people)... So Ronda and I did the tour-which u don't have a guide, they give you an ipod thing with ear phones. So Ronda walked around for an hour with me in her pocket! I wouldn't go anywhere unless she went first! It was fun (freaky-but really a fun time). This is the Gas chamber that bad people where put to death at- and below is a picture of someone getting ready to get gas!!! EEEWWWW.. It was a very detailed prison tour and all the stuff is still in the prison!!! Once again EEEEEEEWWWWWW..... It was a learning experience. This is the basement where the prisoners would have to make the uniforms they had. Yes this is the original stuff that the "bad" people used..
I did have lots and lots of fun!! And a speciel thanks to Ronda for being so brave and letting me hold your hand and be a big BABY...We seen LOTS & LOTS of amazing country!
We stopped along the way at this really neat old dealership and out of all the cool old cars, what car does Al & Robert think is the coolest...........
Not any of these...
This Ugly one- a Gremlin!!! (NASTY)...

Once again- Thank you Al & Ronda for a Wonderful trip!! Thank you so much for being such great friends :)